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Lahbab Desert Safari

Lahbab Desert a village in the Emirate of Dubai:

lahbab Desert Safari
Lahbab Desert a Village in the Emirates of Dubai

About fifty kilometers to the south of Dubai City is where you’ll find the little community of Lahbab Desert. It may be found on the road that connects Dubai with the boundary of the emirate of Sharjah. The people who live in this hamlet are rich Bedouins who are considered to be close friends of Dubai’s royal family. Lahbab Safari focuses mostly on camel breeding and raising as its primary operation. There is a sizable camel racing track situated in that area.

The idea of driving over red sand dunes is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the term Lahbab Desert safari.” Experience an exciting trip in a premium 4×4 SUV while being driven by experienced professionals. Because the Lahbab Safari takes place in a place where local Arabs hang out, you will be able to learn about the Arab way of life in a real setting.

Campsite in Lahbab Desert:

A Beautiful View to Experience Arab Life in Lahbab Desert:

lahbab Desert
Lahbab Desert Safari Campsite view

An encampment inhabited by Bedouins is a breathtaking illustration of the lavish way of life led by Arabs. You may go sandboarding down the red dunes of Lahbab Desert, speed through the desert on a quad bike, or take a camel ride, which is a highly thrilling way to experience the desert. These are just a few of the various activities that are available.

Evening Adventures at Lahbab Desert Safari:morning desert safari

There is a whole new perspective to be had once the sun goes down. The heat of the desert tour is about to subside. You are welcome to don traditional Arab garb—costumes are at your disposal—and females may have their hands decorated with henna. Guests are treated to authentic Arabic kahwa, and they also get to sample the many flavors of shisha while watching belly dancers perform.

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Tanoura Dance by Professional Male Dancers for Your Entertainment:

tanoura dance
A Story Teller Tanoura Dance in Lahbab Desert Safari

The Tanoura dance will be done there by men who have been trained to do it professionally. The fire display at Lahbab Desert Safari is another activity that attracts a lot of attention. How can anybody possibly remember to eat when there is so much exciting entertainment going on? The visitors have access to a wide selection of different kinds of meals. Everything imaginable may be found here, from traditional Arab cuisines to European fare. It’s a necessity that you at least sample the BBQ buffet.

Because there are several opportunities for photography, you must remember to carry your camera with you. Otherwise, you are going to regret not taking a camera with you.

Lahbab Desert Safari provides guests with a variety of discounts and packages to choose from. So, do not miss a chance, grab your stuff, make a plan with your family, friends, or colleagues, and visit Dubai to experience such an amazing adventure that you are going to remember your whole life.

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